Casey Ruggieri’s TRX4

My names Casey, I’m the founder of The Krawler Vault. This TRX4 has been with me for over 3 years and has seen many different builds. The Ivan Stewart theme is only fitting for a Toyota enthusiast like myself!


  • NWSD Scattergun V2 TRX chassis rails
  • Brazin RC flat skid
  • InTheWorksRC custom length links
  • Stock TRX4 shocks w/ 70wt oil all around
  • Bowhouse RC LCG battery tray
  • (6) 70mm standoffs
  • Blue Line Fabrication RC custom bumpers (Front/rear)


  • Hobbywing 540 2300kv AXE V1 combo
  • Reefs Triple 7 steering servo w/ VP servo horn
  • FlySky FgR4s-V2 receiver


  • Rc4wd Mojave body (Pinched and dovetailed)
    • Painted by Zac Päivärinta (@Pickled_Finn_Rc)
  • Rc4wd full interior
  • Vanquish Products Q series pods
  • Rc4wd Baja Designs curved light bar
  • ShrinkRC body mounts


  • TRX4 stock internals
  • TRX4 sport transmission
  • Yeah Racing axle housings
  • Samix rear brass portal housings
  • Samix rear brass portal covers w/ disc calipers
  • Samix brass hub carriers
  • Samix brass steering knuckles
  • Samix front brass portal covers w/ disc calipers
  • Samix brass shock/link mounts
  • Rc4wd ARB diff covers (front/rear)
  • Supershafty bombproof driveshafts
  • SSD wheel hexes
  • CowRC Udder Butter used on all gears

Wheels and tires

  • Vanquish Products 1.9 Method 105’s anodized orange
  • IERC Dream catcher wheel rings
  • Vanquish SLW 350 hubs
  • Vanquish Products brass wheel rings
  • Crawler Innovations “Lil Nova” dual stage foams
    • Front – 4.50″ soft outer
    • Rear – 4.50″ medium outer
  • Jconcepts 1.9 Landmines in green compound

Scale accessories/Recovery gear

  • DSM Offroad kinetic winch rope
  • Yeah Racing fire extinguisher
  • Reign RC antenna
  • Gearhead RC traction boards


  • KNK hardware used throughout the whole truck

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