MJ’s Custom Build

“Many know me as MJ. I run Wrecker RC and build crawlers as my past time. Ive been in the hobby for just over 3 years. I won a raffle when the TRX-4 Sport was released and down the rabbit hole I went. I really enjoy competing in SORCCA and SORCCA Lite events. I can be found at Recon G6 events like Motorama and Blue Rocks. I need to give a huge shout out to my sponsors, IntheworksRC, Reef’s RC, Treal Hobby, Carry-All RC, Northwest Scaler Designs and SRDLV.”


  • Northwest Scaler Designs Version 2 Class 1 chassis
  • IntheworksRC dual servo mount


  • Reef’s RC Raw500
  • InTheWorks RC Ninja winch
  • Castle MicroX ESC
  • 3BrothersRC Acis 6 2100kv motor


  • RC4WD Toyota that has been bobbed and flared
  • The interior is Tamiya Hilux that has been modified for my needs
  • The paint is a home hydrodip using a Tamiya primer and Rustoleum Silver Metallic base with Gloss black accent swirl


  • Modified IntheworksRC Scattergun FMM (Foward motor mount)
  • The transfer case is a prototype non-overdriven case by IntheworksRC
  • AR45 axles with Treal BIllet Aluminum 7075 Housings
  • The FMM to Tcase is a modified TRX4 driveshaft
  • The driveshafts to the axles are Team Ottsix Heros

Wheels and tires

  • Treal Hobby wheels (This model not in production)
  • Baby Ottsix Voodoo 4.19 MT-X
  • Voodoo foams supporting the truck

Scale accessories/Recovery gear

  • Elastigirl and Jack Jack with WWE Superstar Becky Lynch driving
  • Fire extinguisher held by JackJack
  • Med kit
  • Map of Virginia
  • To do list
  • One off custom made hook attached by a metal D ring. Its stays in place with a small bungee.

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