About us!

What’s up guys, my name is Casey! I’ve been in the RC hobby for 14 years and have an immense passion for all things RC! Because of this, I decided to start Krawlervault.

My goal with Krawlervault is to provide a multi-platform community, where my fellow RC enthusiasts and I can feature the coolest builds, talk about our favorite products, and share my other passion; producing awesome patches!

I want this to be a place where everyone is welcome, positivity is our go to, and we hype each other up in order to constantly strive to push the limits of our hobby and each others capabilities.

What’s up everyone! My name is Lonnie(AKA BrazedRC) and I’ve only been active in the RC community for about 3 years, but I’ve been interested in RCs for as long as I can remember. Casey got me hooked on the scale side of things and I can’t look back now!

My passion for RCs isn’t limited just to crawlers or scalers! I love seeing what y’all put together and seeing the different ways these rigs can be put together! My goal here is to help expand the RC industry, meet everyone who shares a passion for RCs, and to help anyone, any way I can!

My hope is that together, The Krawlervault can play a pivotal role in growing the industry, expanding it’s reach, and ensuring everyone feels welcome to share our awesome hobby!

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